Spring 2016 Moot Court Team Executive Board

The Florida Moot Court Team is well underway with the Spring 2016 semester, and over the next several days the team’s website and Facebook page will highlight this semester’s executive board members. Look out for someone you may know and share their highlight!

The Spring 2016 Executive Board Members:

President: Ray Harrell, Jr.
Internal Vice President: Austin Sherman
External Vice President: Logan Opsahl
Treasurer: Tommy Lair
Intermural Competition Chair: Rick Briggs
Intermural Competition Vice Chair: Ali Mirghahari
Director of Intramural Competition: Garrison Cohen
Chair for Intramural Competition Design: Seth Donahoe
Special Events Chair: Hayley Salem
Special Events Vice Chair: Betty Hernandez
Chair for Education & Training: Mercy Guillot
Publicity Chair: Chrissy Harlacher
Secretary: Mallorie Head

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