Executive Board Member Highlight of the Day #3

sethSeth Donahoe

Position: Chair for Intramural Competition Design

I am Seth Donahoe, and I am 2L currently serving as the Chair for Intramural Competition Design. I am new to the Moot Court E-Board and am excited to work on putting together a successful tryout competition this year. My favorite part of Moot Court is the people that are on the team. Writing briefs through the late hours of the night, benching, and participating in our social events together creates a special bond among the members. This semester, I am competing for the team at the ABA competition in Las Vegas and Maguire here on campus. Fun fact about myself: I have an 8 year old White Shepherd that still outsmarts me one way or another on a daily basis.


Hayley Salem

HayleyPosition: Special Events Chair

Favorite part about being on the moot court team: I love getting to travel… I got to go to Chicago last semester and it was so much fun! I also just really like getting to hang out with everyone on the team because they’re all amazing 😀

Number one goal for the team this semester: lots of team bonding… Betty and I will be planning a bunch of fun events this semester for the team.

Competition(s) this year: I went to the Chicago Bar Competition last semester.

Fun Fact: I love cats and am 1/4 Lebanese

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